State Investment Corporation Ltd (SIC)

The State Investment Corporation is a major group in the business of investment. It was founded in 1984 with the main objective of providing funds for the realisation of high-growth entrepreneurial ventures and assisting businesses to industry leadership position.

As the investment arm of the Government of Mauritius, the SIC has a very solid reputation and its endorsement of any project is a definite strength and key contributor to success. Throughout the years, the Corporation has proved to be a valuable partner for local and foreign entrepreneurs and institutions desirous of setting up ventures in Mauritius, Rodrigues and the Indian Ocean Region.

Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA)

The MPA is the sole national port authority set up under the Ports Act 1998, to regulate and control the port sector. The MPA is a landlord port authority, providing the main port infrastructure and superstructure, together with related facilities. It also provides marine services and navigation aids, while it regulates and controls all port activities and environmental issues within the designated port areas.

Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL)

The Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL) is a state owned private company incorporated in October 1983 to take over the activities of four private stevedoring companies. The CHCL is the sole operator for container handling activities at Port Louis. It also handles general and bulk cargoes excluding products through pipelines

Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ltd (MCCI)

The MCCI, established in 1850, is the oldest non-profit making institution representing the private sector in Mauritius. With the increase in the island’s volume of trade during the first decades of British administration, the Mauritian business community felt the need for a formal representational and arbitration framework to foster the interests of the trading community and to settle disputes and conflicts arising in trade-related activities.

Mauritius Export Association (MEXA)

Founded in 1976, the Mauritius Export Association (MEXA) is the sole private association in Mauritius regrouping the export companies. It was called to restructure itself in 2007 to fully represent the Export Sector of Mauritius. Indeed, the export sector has evolved significantly over the past ten years.

Customs House Brokers Association

Founded in August 1976, the “Customs House Brokers Association (CHBA) is an organization which regroups Licensed Customs House Brokers operating in Mauritius. The objectives of the Association are to promote growth in the profession and fasten cooperation and good fellowship amongst its Members.

Association Professionelle Des Transitaires

Since its launch in 1976, APT has played an active role in framing and improving a business environment conducive to the movement of goods both from and to Mauritius


SOGET provides fluidity to port operations, by intelligently and instantly coordinating the shared management of logistics information between public and private stakeholders