What is CCS?

CCS is an integrated information system operating in real time which aggregates,  optimizes,synchronizes and secures Supply chain processes for Cargo stakeholders.

The Mauritian CCS is a web based application that is accessed through an internet browser, and which allows all freight stakeholders (Customs officers, freight forwarders, importers, etc.) to access data related to cargo movements in real time.

Linking all stakeholders along the logistics chain will speed up the movement of goods being imported, exported or transhipped. Similarly, the increased use of Information Technology will reduce the possibility of costly and time consuming errors.

Key features of the CCS

  • Provides the traceability of the supply chain within a country
  • Import : From expected unloading port to the final delivery
  • Export : From exporter’s  premises  to the effective exit of the country
  • Provides the real time tracking of all logistics operations
  • Ensures the correct and swift implementation of new administrative and customs procedures
  • Centralizes and consolidates all the supply chain information
  • Compares announced data against actual information and reveals discrepancies
  • Ensures data security and confidentiality for each supply chain stakeholder

Benefits of the CCS

  • The global benefits are shared by Stakeholders
  • Enables the reduction of cargo dwell time so as to maximize logistic efficiency and reduce storage costs.
  • Eliminates inefficient manual processes, thus increases productivity of logistic service providers
  • Improves international competitiveness of local logistic companies
  • Streamlines Customs procedures in compliance with the WCO SAFE framework of standards and in view of facilitating trade
  • Provides advance electronic cargo information on cargo and container shipments to local Customs for more effective and timely identification of high risk cargo
  • Provides advance electronic cargo information on cargo and container shipments to destination Customs for easier and faster clearing in our overseas markets.

Benefits of the CCS for Mauritius

  • Improved and faster processes will reduce costs of production throughout the country.
  • Faster clearing at destination will bring a competitive advantage to our exporters.
  • Reduced data entry diminishes possibilities of errors and time-consuming corrections.
  • Increased transhipment that will benefit the whole economy by bringing revenue and decreasing freight rates through increased competition.