E-Bunkering Service

e-Bunkering Service is a value added service offered by MACCS Ltd to facilitate the exchange of information between identified parties in view of streamlining the bunker booking procedure with Suppliers and Authorities, This service was requested by the Mauritius Port Authority and following several work sessions with all stakeholders and authorities concerned, the existing processes and procedures in place were reviewed. The hectic and time consuming paper transactions -7 copies Bunkering Request have been eliminated whilst providing a higher visibility and traceability on the status of the application for bunkering services as well as mails to all concerned. The process now takes minutes to be completed instead of the long and arduous tasks of physically moving to have the various approvals and stamps on paper. To use the system, there is a need to be registered with MACCS as well as MPA and MRA Customs, and as soon as same is completed, training is given to the user. A secure Username and Password is submitted and with terms & conditions to be accepted after the user is connected to the e-Bunkering System. After submission of an e- Bunkering Request, the system will transmit the request to the various parties involved in the physical operation. The system provides information to the MPA for various purposes (berth planning, billing etc.) and also as a dash board of each and every application that is in progress or completed. Finally MACCS provides summaries to the various stakeholders and authorities involved in the Bunkering process including MRA Customs, the MPA, the oil companies and the shipping lines requesting for bunker. When operations are completed, the transaction is closed by the oil company who inputs the exact amount of bunker supplied to generate summaries which is automatically send to MRA Customs and the internal billing system of MACCS. There is a fee of Mur 350 plus VAT that is being charged by MACCS for the service