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Mauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd is a public-private partnership that has been appointed by the Government of the Republic of Mauritius to build and manage the Cargo Community System (CCS).

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Go_Live of Air Import Postal Manifest Module _16th January 2017

16/01/2017 / by Ashuina

The Categories appearing via our Tracking Services are informative only and may differ from the actual value that importers will be requested to pay at the Post Office counter when taking delivery of their respective consignment. This is due to the amendment of categories which are not being performed on CCS for the time being. […]

Mauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd (MACCS)

Incorporated in January 2008, the Mauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd (MACCS) has been appointed by the Government of the Republic of Mauritius to build and manage a national Cargo Community System (CCS). The CCS is an integrated information system operating in real time which aggregates, optimizes, synchronizes and secures Supply chain processes for Cargo stakeholders. The Mauritian CCS is a web based application which allows easier access to data related to cargo movements to all logistic stakeholders (Customs, Port Authority, Port Terminal, Container Freight Station, Freight Forwarders, Importers, Exporters, Customs Brokers and Shipping Agents). The MACCS, a public-private sector trade facilitation project addresses three national objectives:
  1. Improvement of the competitiveness of Mauritian products
  2. Development of Mauritius as a regional trade and transport hub
  3. Implementation of World Customs Organisation SAFE Framework of Standards to secure the international supply chain.


Public Sector

  1. State Investment Corporation Ltd (SIC)
  2. Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA)
  3. Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL)

Private Sector

  1. Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ltd (MCCI)
  2. Mauritius Export Association (MEXA)
  3. Customs House Brokers Association (CHBA)
  4. Association Professionelle des Agents Maritimes de l’île Maurice (APAMM)
  5. Association Professionelle Des Transitaires (APT)
  6. Soget

Board Members

The Board meets each month to consider a broad range of matters including progress with regard to the Company’s various development programs, strategy and financial reviews, among others enabling the Board to function effectively and allow Directors to discharge their responsibility, full and timely access is given to all relevant information. Furthermore, the Board’s responsibilities are as follows:
  • To ensure that the Code is implemented by the Company;
  • To provide effective corporate governance;
  • Determine the Company’s purpose, strategy and values;
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies, policies, management performance criteria and business plans. In effect, Board must provide guidance and maintain effective control over the Company and monitor management in carrying out board plans, strategies and more so, to ensure compliance; and
  • Ensure that the company complies with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of best business practice.

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